QSL Museum

When a radio amateur makes contact with another radio amateur for the first time, over the radio, it is customary to exchange a certificate, that the contact has actually taken place. This is the QSL card or verification.

There is a wide variety of QSL cards, and I wanted to show here some of those that seem to me to be more interesting, because they are attractive or unusual.

Very often we, radio amateurs, appreciate QSL cards more that come from an exotic or far away place, where there are few, or no AO2HAM resident radio amateurs at all, and not because they are beautiful, or interesting in themselves. Here, QSL cards are displayed which have intrinsic interest, and not because they come from a place with which it is difficult to contact. This is not to underestimate QSL cards collected by DX-ers, for I am a DX-er myself. But this is not the object of this site, which is devoted to the QSL card, and not to DX-ing. (Note: DX is defined as a hard to contact station in a distant country that has few or no resident radio amateurs, and a QSL card from one of these countries is highly prized, because of its rarity).